Panoramic x-rays are x-rays that show the whole jaw and sometimes are able to include the sinuses. Typical panoramic x-ray machines require you to bite down on a plastic wedge which holds your teeth in the proper position to ensure a good image. The machine then rotates around your head taking multiple images as it goes to create a composite image showing your full dentition.

What we can see with a Panoramic x-ray?

Perhaps the most obvious thing that we can see is the progression of adult teeth and wisdom teeth as they form. However, one of the most important things a panoramic x-ray allows your dentist to see is any tumors that may be growing. This is a way to help detect bone cancer as early as possible. Panoramic x-rays are also very useful for evaluating the extent of bone loss due to periodontal disease. If you are planning on getting a dental implant or extraction, a panoramic x-ray is necessary for the oral surgeon to be able to evaluate and plan for the surgery. A panoramic x-ray is also useful in diagnosing TMJ disorders, evaluating for orthodontic treatment and diagnosing cavities in anterior (front) teeth that are not seen in bitewing x-rays.

As you can see there is much more to a panoramic x-ray than just wisdom teeth. Having a panoramic x-ray done is a great diagnostic tool no matter what age you are. Our dentists recommend taking a panoramic x-ray every three to five years depending on your dental history and exposure to risk factors. Working with our dentists to determine the frequency of your x-rays will ensure that you get the minimum radiation while maintaining an accurate picture of your overall oral health.

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